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Hani Wibowo

Ngoc Anh Phan

STYKKY brings together Asian designers based in Germany. In our first edition we highlight six inspiring female Asian designers and their artworks ranging from illstration to motion design to graphic design and more. We believe that by sharing our experiences and amplifying our voices we can support each other and empower other young Asian designers. LET’S STYKK TOGETHER!


Viaoda Libre by Gydient, Vietanh Nguyen
Luftwurzel Serif by Y-Thanh Võ
Impact Nieuw Emboldener by Jung-Lee Type Foundry
Agent Orange by Gydient and Nhi Bui
Marguerite Grotesk by Charlotte Rohde
Lini Beta by Kimya Gandhi
Calyces by Charlotte Rohde


Thanks to all interview partners and to Jot for supporting us with the risoprint.


Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Vierfarbiger Risodruck


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  • The F*Word, MK&G Hamburg