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Constellation of Oppression

Valeria Mendez Moreno

«The idea that we experience life, sometimes discrimination, sometimes benefits, based on a number of identities.»– Kimberlé Crenshaw


Constellation of oppression is a graphic artwork based on scientific studies focusing on the dimensionality of discrimination in Germany, questioning how an individual’s number of identities can influence their experiences in a first world society.

Intersectionality is a methodology that studies the perception of power crossed or imbricated in social and work relations. This approach points out that gender, ethnicity, class or sexual orientation are interrelated. The intention of this theory is to show that injustice and social inequality are made up of identity characteristics.


Through the visualization of data the goal of this project is to achieve awareness with an intersectional feminist approach. The data used in this project is from the report «Discrimination Experiences in Germany – Results of a representative Survey of those affected on behalf of the federal anti-discrimination Agency» (2017). Unfortunately a study based on woman and men, people falling outside of the gender binary tend to be excluded form data collection exercises almost entirely.


Blender, Reality Composer, Reality Converter